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David Cowling Read the lyrics - bask. Favorite track: Suck Light.
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We finished this months ago. Finally out. Feels good.



released December 18, 2013

Mark Charles - guitar, piano, vocals, mixing
Michael Wadham - drums/percussion, tenor sax

Zach Beauchamp: electric bass
Lily Snowden-Fine: vocals on tracks 1-3
Dave Shannon: mastering
Eriq Wong: album art




Chobobo Vancouver, British Columbia

A two-piece band from Vancouver, B.C. Having just released their debut mini album, they're raking in the $ bills.

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Track Name: In the Early Morning
In the early morning
I wake up cold.
My head has been replaced by a
Burnt out hole.
I try to crane my neck,
But I just twist my head.
I try to sit up straight, but I
Fall back on my bed.

When the moon was lame
It laid itself to rest again.
I was at her side.
My master slept
Upon a rock,
A broken bed.

When the dark of night was long
My master saw that I had gone
To sleep.
My master woke
From the faces
In her dreams.

When the world awoke
I saw that I had left my post. I had
Been asleep.
The world was nothing new to me.
I could not hear a single thing.
My sister was not near to me.

In the early morning
I wake up scared.
A shadow is occupying
the empty chair.
Track Name: Autumn has Come and Gone
I wake up in the morning and you're still asleep.
I can hear you snoring.
I can hear the bed creak.
You wake up in the morning and you're hurting in your stomach.
Snow it is falling,
Falling outside your window.
No one knows we are awake.

Our mother's in the kitchen, scraping
Eggs from the pan.
Our father's outside, turning
Pigs into ham.
And we are upstairs, lying
squeezed on your bed.
Is it alright to feel half dead?

Do you know a place where we can go
(Let's find a place where we can go)
When the rain turns into snow.
(You can't find it on your own)
Beyond the hills around your home.
Into the forest I will walk alone

What is that place that I can see
from your window through the trees?
Will you accompany me?
Either way I'm bound to leave.

When I'm drunk I can barely speak. Got to
Concentrate on staying on my feet
Hey, what's your name?
I never had the chance to ask.
And you just grinned
And you said:

I will love you 'til the sun moves on
I will love you 'til the dawn
(You will love me 'til the dawn)
love you 'til the sun moves on
('til the sun goes on)
I will love you 'til the dawn
(You will love me)
love you 'til the sun moves on.
I will you 'til the dawn
(Autumn has come and gone)
Track Name: Suck Light
I was sleeping the backseat
Of an old and a beat up car.
My older sister, she was driving it onwards,
Driving it through our yard.
In half an hour it will be dawn,
And then our parents, they'll wake up
And realize that their car is gone.

They will look inside our bedrooms
And realize that we are not there.
Then they'll look for the note that they hope that we wrote
And that's when they will
Get scared.

Who will be the one to suck the light from me?
Who will be the one to suck the light from me?
A black hole or a sun dying from something that is frightening.
Who will be the one to suck the light from me?
Who will be the one to suck the mass from me?
Who will be the one to suck my energy?

I was sleeping in the backseat
And my mother, she was in the trunk.
My father's passed out from exhaustion.
In the bedroom he is passed out drunk.
My older sister, she is at the wheel
And the sun, it is coming up.
But we forgot the baby in the cradle
So now we are...
We are fucked.
Track Name: Coward at Heart
When we were younger (so much younger still)
We used to swallow every single pill
That we could find
Hoping we would die.
And every punk boy with a gun
Put it up in the air and fire off a round
'Cause what goes up it must come down
I'm a coward at the heart, babe.
Look at this life that I've found.

When you were younger and you lived on a farm
Your daddy hit you but he meant no harm.
Just meant to teach you a lesson that you'd never forget.
What lesson was that?
You can't remember what that lesson was,
But you got a scar where you should have love.

Every knife in the back of my spine,
Every woman on my shoulder crying reminds me of you.
Of how I met you when your face was fat.
I'm a coward at the heart babe.
There is no going back.

When I am older I will carry a gun
I want to fight and I want to have fun
but I don't want to lose.
Neither do you.
Every punk boy who hears this song,
I implore then to sing along, 'cause I know they
I know that they want a gun too.
I'm a coward at the heart, babe.
This is the life that I choose.
Track Name: Twin
You were born after
Our sister was born.
The room filled with laughter
Twenty minutes before.

Anxious, Excited.
The room filled up fast.
Doctors and nurses and
Your older sister in your father's grasp

Your mother, she waited,
Biting the pain.
"Living is easy," she said.
"Giving it is strange."

Your mother sat in a wheelchair.
Your father he smiled.
Life's so wonderful
Every once in a while.

Your mother held you and your sister,
One in each arm.
Your father leant and he kissed her.
He couldn't do much harm
At the moment.

You lived in the empty forest
So they could hone all your skills.
Your parents both lawyers with a
Nice house on the hill.

You went to a school that was
Carved in the mounting
Clouds came through windows,
Requiems and hymnals

And all I could see was
A clear mist.

Your mother, she'd pick you up
Your father, he worked.
It couldn't hurt to be
A little bit more wealthy.

You grew a bit older.
Your body, it formed,
But your mind is still the same
Just looking to impress.
Who to impress?

Your father's busy and your sisters got a life of her own
Either way
Nobody's every home to impress.
Your father he said to your mother:

"Lover of old, wipe my hair
my skin it is pale, naked and bare.
Lover of old, you better wipe my cheek
my tears they will stumble, naked and weak."
Questions and answers,
Unwanted prophecies,
Unwanted pregnancies.

The future is clear to me.
Is it to you?
You must go a separate way from her
Or you're doomed to be two.

Your mother said, "Life was easy.
Do what you can to be happy
Do what you must to be happy
Do what you must."
Track Name: the Detective
Who's going to guide me?
Who's going to save
Who's going to buy me?
Who's going to drive the slave

If you're happy, you are happy.
If not, what do you want from me?
If you're really that desperate I will give you a good memory.

My soul is a fire waiting, burning
I can feel it when I go to sleep
If something is wrong you better tell me, babe,
Before I do something stupid.

I got god breaking into my skin,
but I know it was his to begin with
I've been living, I've been breathing
I've been tripping, I've been smoking fear
If you feel it, you can feel it.
If not, it's not because you're not here.
I am getting tired. I've running for almost a year.
Christ knows you must be tired,
You've been running for sixteen fucking years.

There's a detective inside our head.

I should never have showed her
The pictures that were under my bed
One of these day if you see her around
You can ask her what she said.